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People ask me when should they start taking their puppy to puppy school. My answer is as soon as possible

A puppy is like a sponge they learn VERY quickly they absorb everything around them. Good and bad unfortunately.

To make it easier for you you can pay online for puppy school course

Our puppy classes are ongoing meaning when ever you wantt o start you can. No need  to wait for a specific date or intake. As long as your puppy is 10 weeks or older it can join.

Our puppy classes are essential for the upbringing of a well adjusted dog.An untrained puppy, generally speaking will become a badly-behaved adult dog.Conditioning during this early period is vital because it sets a solid platform for the way you want your dog to behave.

Along with having your puppy in a CONTROLLED social environment we begin teaching the beginnings of sitting dropping and standing.Getting your puppy accustomed to  leash pressure and collar and letting it gain confidence to walk with you. Conditioning your puppy to look at you when its name is called and simple recalls.

Importance of socialising your puppy

  • The puppy socialisation time frame (up till 16 weeks) is the most crucial time for forming your dog´s temperament, character and behaviour habits. If it misses out in social interaction during this period it is impossible simply go back and fix the problems later.
  • Averting problem behaviours through proper socialisation is a more attractive alternative compared with trying to correct the unwanted behaviour (barking, resource guarding, gnawing, separation anxiety, dog to dog aggression etc.) that arises from insufficient socialisation.
  • Puppy socialisation is an essential component in establishing and improving the relationship you will share with your dog all through his lifetime. The effort you spend now will be well rewarded.

How to socialise your puppy

  • Involve your new puppy in all that you can, always under careful supervision. Just get it acquainted and comfortable with all of the daily routines and happenings of its new household. This is its environment now, we want it to be relaxed and comfortable around things like the vacuum cleaner, dish washing machine, Televisions and noisy children.
  • It’s crucial that your puppy interacts with as many individuals that they can before he reaches twelve weeks of age. Because his vaccinations won’t be finished by this stage, it’s best if the people go to him. Continually make visits a fun, non-threatening experience for your little puppy. Really encourage playtime, treats and contact between your visitors and your puppy.


What do we think of Puppy Pre Schools
Even though this has become quite a money making fad it does nothing for your puppy in gaining any social skills in dealing with other dogs.At this age Puppies do not socialise with other puppies outside of its own litter in a strange environment.The amount of clients we have that turn up telling us how their dog has been bowled over by a rambunctious puppy and now their dog is wary or even slightly aggressive towards other dogs is astounding.By all means socialise your puppy but keep it controlled. Handle it, let others handle it,take it outside in your care but please don’t let it “play” with other strange dogs. The repercussions can be appalling.

We don’t offer advice on medicating your dog just as a vet or vet nurse shouldn’t offer advice on training dogs


You can prepay online saves the paperwork for you or you can pay on the day.

We accept puppies after they have had their second lot of vaccinations which normally is between 10 and 12 weeks. The classes continue until your puppy is 20 weeks old.

The cost of the course is $150