Puppy socialisation and training should be designed to create confident, happy, well socialised puppy who iseasy to train, and fun to play with. I work hard to make sure each puppy is ensured a happy, positive experience.

  •  One on one puppy classes adelaide training
  • I will customize this program to correct the problems you are facing.
  • I control the environment so your puppies are not nervous or anxious
  • We teach you how to stop, correct, and prevent behavior problems
  • You will learn the foundations for training a dog, so that all obedience training is easier and more fun.
  • My main goal is to create a confident, engaged, and ‘family friendly’ pet.

Behavior Training goes far beyond teaching a few tricks, like sit and heel. It helps build calm, confident puppies with good manners:

  • coming when called
  • not crying at night
  • toilet training
  • ‘place’ and ‘kennel’ training
  • not pulling on a leash
  • not jumping, biting, or chewing
  • staying home alone
  • not chasing the cat
  • not jumping on children

Note: This course is designed to give you the tools needed to either socialise and set the foundation for a successfully trained dog. It is not a training course. If I  have successfully fixed 1 behavior problem in this course. more often than not  the tools needed to fix this one problem gives you the tools to fix others.

adelaide puppy classes

Puppy Classes Adelaide will start Puppy  on the Right Paw

So if your puppy is from 10 weeks to 15 weeks of age I can help lay the foundations for a responsible calm dog.Because a calm puppy more than likely will become a calm dog. And no they just ” grow out of it: you need to show them

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