Puppy Course 9.30- 10.30


Our puppy classes are ongoing meaning when ever you want to start you can. No need to wait for a specific date or intake. As long as your puppy is 10 weeks or older it can join.

Along with having your puppy in a CONTROLLED social environment we begin teaching the beginnings of sitting, dropping and standing. Getting your puppy accustomed to leash and collar pressure and letting it gain confidence to walk with you. Conditioning your puppy to look at you when its name is called and simple recalls.

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Puppy Classes Adelaide

At All Breeds Dog Training Adelaide we have a training course to suit every level of dog and handler from Puppy school at 10 weeks up to advanced training.
Puppy Classes
Our puppy classes are essential for the upbringing of a well adjusted dog.An untrained puppy, generally speaking will become a badly-behaved adult dog.Conditioning during this early period is vital because it sets a solid platform for the way you want your dog to behave.
To make it easier for you you can pay online for puppy course Our classes run over the Christmas Season

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