I was brought up learning to train dogs in a class environment. Where we would have 10 dogs of all sizes and demeanor.Classes could get messy and noisy.Clients and their dogs wouldn’t receive my complete personal attention. So in the last 3 years i only do  one on one private dog training. You me and the dog in a park where yes there are distractions but not close at hand( we get to that later).

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cane corso 6 months

What to expect in private dog training

I hold a six week private one on one dog training course.We meet at a semi public/busy park for one hour per week  for six weeks. In those six weeks your dog will become a calm ,obedient reliable pet. One that listens and takes notice of YOU. One that walks calmly next to our side regardless of distractions and more.

 One on one dog training course outline.

Week one.

Foundational work on a long line .Letting the dog learn that its better to be attentive of you rather than other things.

Week two

Walking/heeling within 600 mm of your left foot. Progressing onto automatic sits. You stop walking and the dog sits down .No words said

Week Three

Teaching the dog to walk withing 300 mm of your left foot. .Teaching the dog a sit/stay .By the sixth day of this week your dog should be able to do a sit stay for 1 minute and you at a distance of 6 metres. With Distractions Beginnings of Drop command/lay down

Week Four

Proofing the drop and teaching the drop stay. As again sixth day owner at 6 metres for 1 minute. Teaching to stay calm when approached by a stranger.

Week Five

Beginnings of recall and reviewing of previous weeks lessons

Week Six

Finishing the recall under distractions and complete review of the six weeks

The cost of the six week private one on one dog training course is $350

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