Positive reinforcement and force free are not the same

Dog training is a complex process that requires careful consideration of different techniques and approaches. There are two main methods used in dog training: force-free and positive reinforcement. It is crucial to understand the difference between the two and their implications for your dog. Positive reinforcement is the primary method used in dog training, but it is essential to note that it does not make a trainer force-free. Once a collar, harness, and leash are put on a dog, it is no longer entirely free as it is prevented from running away.

Choosing the right training method for your dog can be challenging, and it is necessary to educate yourself before making a decision. Regrettably, the industry and marketplace are not always aware of the effort that goes into dog training, leading to criticisms when a dog is corrected for unwanted behavior. However, trainers aim to teach dogs from both ends while ensuring good behavior and a positive state of mind through foundational off-leash dog training.

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It is important to understand that punishment works and has its place in training. People have their own talking points and opinions that may not be accurate. For example, when people say that punishment doesn’t work and that dogs become more aggressive, I can provide evidence from my fifteen years of experience that this is not the case. Dogs may become less aggressive and the unwanted behavior is stopped.    Even though there are people who may try and insult my training abilities, I can provide proof that my methods work. If someone has questions, I encourage them to ask basic questions and provide examples of the fallout from punishment. There is none …

I‘m not seeing Fallout all I’m seeing are dogs become less aggressive .
so their  talking point is that punishment doesn’t work, dogs become more aggressive  in my real world experience is no they
don’t ,it stops the unwanted behavior and dogs don’t become more aggressive.

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These people will copy and paste ad nauseum about the fallout of punishment or not using force free ,yet 99% aren’t trainers . They are  just like you a person with a dog, yet they are pulled into the almost cult of  don’t make a dog do something if you have to make it do it .

Meanwhile they have no videos of how they train their dog,no videos of unruly dogs, only videos in a lounge room no distractions teaching a dog to sit wby luring it with a bit of cheese.

Sometimes you need o change the dogs state of mind before you can even start to train it .These people will say ” ohh i wouldn’t do that or wouldn’t do this”

So the question arises , What do you do when the dog jumps up and tries to bite  your face, now they don’t believe in correcting their dog so what do they do ?? Firstly they wouldn’t work with such a dog. Or the explanation : i would get the dogs attention” and teach it what to do ..  The dog is trying to rip your face off.!!! it isnt concerned with a bit of cheese. They live in a dream world.It sounds wonderful in writing  but in the real world .. you only have one face ………