Almost 20 years of dog training experience and i still charge far less than most others. Price doesn’t determine how good the trainer is

Puppy Classesfrom 10 weeks to 15 weeks


Per 45 minute lesson
  • From 10 weeks of age up to 16 weeks . I hourly classes in the familiarity of your home
  • Toilet training,bite inhibition ,puppy well being,teaching pup to be calm
  • Socialisation,getting used to its enviroment and setting boundaries
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Private Dog Training CourseMost Popular


6 week course
  • Having a calm,attentive and obedient dog
  • Walking calmly on a loose lead,automatic sits,sit stays
  • Drops,drop stays,not reacting to other people or dogs
  • Recalls
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Behavioural ConsultsTeaching structure around the home


Per Hour
  • Teaching the dog that inside means calm and responsible. Outside is his area
  • Place command ,teaching self control,structure,no charging through doors, no table surfing
  • Barking at visitors,how to behave around others and any other behaviours you wish to change
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