One on One Dog Training

Why is off leash obedience so important, especially in this day and age when leash laws are the norm?

Because leashes break. Because dogs will slip out of collars and harnesses. Because doors and gates will be left open. Because fences will be jumped over, dug under, or rammed through. More importantly, take a look at your dog right now … chances are good that he is not wearing a leash. If he were to bolt out the door and head for the street, could you stop him with a single command?

With our training you could. But better yet, you won’t have to. Why? Because the training he received allows him to make better choices for himself … example: choosing not to bolt out of an open door.

Do you walk your dog every day for at least 60 minutes? (you should be)
If so this is the course for you

one on one training

Intensive training Course

We are proud to say that we are only one of a select few in Australia that offers this course
This course can be done in one full block of 12 weeks reaching full off lead potential or just the six weeks where your dog will be excellent on lead and average off lead. The whole point is that you want your dog to come back to you when he is off lead all the time not just sometimes.
This is a no nonsense course where I meet with you once a week to revise the previous lesson and show you the next weeks lesson. Being a small class you WILL receive my full attention.

At the completion of this course your dog will be able to responsibly perform the following exercises:

6 week course

Heel, normal, slow and fast pace,all turns on lead
Automatic Sit
Drop/Down dog going straight down
Stand Stay at 10 metres for 60 seconds
Stand for exam
Recall on lead with dog sitting in front
Heel normal, slow and fast pace on lead plus figure 8 and weaving down line. Heeling to be on loose lead
All these are performed responsibly with distractions. eg at parks,car parks ,ovals with crowds


The operative words here are responsibly perform . This means that your dog will be as dependable at performing these exercises (regardless of distractions) as you are at stopping for red lights.

In the next 6 weeks you and your dog will come to know each other in a new way. He will learn to respect and yield to your every command, and you will learn how to keep him from a life of needless constraint, or worse. To develop this new Master/Dog relationship you must first recognise a few truths.

Truth #1: Your dog is a self serving opportunist whose natural pursuit in life is satisfying his natural drives.

Truth #2: Your dog is your responsibility. Not mine, not your neighbours, and not your mother’s.

Truth #3: Your dog is a liability. Simply illustrated, if he chews up your Reeboks you write the check to replace them..

Truth #4: Your dog is entitled to your attention and totally dependent on your good care.

If you have a problem accepting any of the above truths then this training program is not for you. However, if you would like to bring your dog to a level of obedience that allows him to become a trustworthy and dependable companion then this is for you

This is a fast-paced, hard-core, no nonsense approach to get your dog reliably off lead. And as far as I am concerned
reliability off lead is the most important criteria when selecting a dog training program

After achieving this your dog will not only be ready for Community Companion Dog (CCD) trials but also Companion Dog (CD) if you so choose to venture down that path.

For further details email me for class dates as bookings are essential