dont punish the bite and it wont go away


Theory of correcting a dog for aggression = suppressing the need .Its like ticking time bomb one day dog will explode and bite they say.
There is absolutely no proof or no truth in the above said theory
Lets think about it for a moment…. Times up
Most bad behaviours in society people do not do because they surpress them.
People WANT to speed they suppress the urge.
People WANT to fight most suppress the urge.
People want to do a lot of things but they supress their urges to do them.
Why ?…… Times up

So should a dog know not to bite?
Of course it should but remember its also a dog and dogs bite. They have teeth and their mouths are designed to bite.

A dog biting is a way of communicating. What you just did I don’t like and I’m going to move you away

Dogs bite for 2 reasons .
They think they have to
They want to.
It doesnt matter how well they are trained in whatever catagory it may be search rescue ,family pet, obedience dog it doesnt matter how well they do in their niche it does not mean they wont bite.
Lots of physical or food reward for all the good stuff they perform well in what they do, but biting, biting has to be punished.

Punishment isnt abuse. People must stop having that conversation that punishment is abusive.
Animals since the beginning of time have dished out punishments to each other , mother nature dishes out punishment to animals.
A split second in time put on the dog telling it that its unnaceptable .How can that be termed abusive?
Unfortunately withholding praise or withholding a reward isn’t enough to stop a dog biting. Yep you heard it. It just doesnt work .It cant
Before people start commenting by copy and pasting ambiguous papers and information that hasn’t been validated lets think rationally.

Unfortunately no matter how much praise you give a dog or how much positive reinforcement you give a dog it will not stop it biting.
No matter how much love you give a dog or how nice you treat a dog it wont stop the biting.
No matter how many times u withhold a reward, a dog will not stop biting. It can not be done. Impossible .Zero chance of probability

If i walk by a dog and it bites my leg what do i do ??
If you disagree with punishment answer that question.
What would you do .
Dont answer it with a scientific cut and past thing
What would you do If u walk by a dog and it bites you on your leg what do u do?
So think about this .
If i take the dog and put it in a crate it would never stop biting.
If i walked away and ignored it ,it would never stop biting.
If i tell it no and give it something else to do it will never stop biting.

The only way to stop a dog biting is to punish the dog the the moment it happens.
If one starts thinking rationally and sensibly rather than thinking that by training a dog to do what you want it to do it will stop biting or its aggressive behaviour will stop.
Please stop thinking that by training a dog to do what you want it will stop doing things you dont want when it comes to aggression.
Just start thinking rationally please…

Oh you pin the dog to the ground they say .Pinning a dog on the ground .No it does not work. I would never think of pinning a biting dog on the ground, youll get bitten on the hand or more so in the face. Never get that close to a dog that bites. Your face and the dogs mouth aren’t a match..

In some areas a electronic collar would be available if not, a prong collar and leash. I prefer the electronic collar as its nuetral. The dog doesnt realise you have administerd the punishment. If not allowed, a firm pop on the leash with the prong collar. What does this do. ? It tells the dog that what u just did is very uncomfortable for you and unnaceptable.

Yes i know a vast majority of people will focus on the 1 – 2 second correction that makes the dog uncomfortable.
Just remeber we use food ,we use praise,we use voice,we use toys and we use touch to reinforce wanted behaviours. We use all of them .But if this dog bites me or one of my dogs, this dog will receive a very clear and uncomfortable consequence for doing it.
I will not yell at it, I will not scream at it ,I will not be mad at the dog but i will give the dog very clear information that what they just did was wrong.
You cannot stop an unwanted dangerous behavior by ignoring it ,praising what you want ,or redirecting it.

People will say but you should find the cause for why the dog bites.
I am not talking about a dog that has a toothache or is in pain and it bites because i have patted it because well that rarely happens
All the dogs that are biting us are not in physical pain. The dogs that are brought to us arent biting or agressive because they have a toothache.
The whole issue is the dog is biting us because it wants to or thinks it has too.
If you give a dog a major discomfort for biting it will rethink the act of biting. Logic. Common Sense
Remember 95% of what we do is praise.. positive reinforcement. 5% involves a punisher
So perspective ladies and gentlemen perspective

But you may ask why does the dog bite. Well i dont care really for the reason. If i walk past and a dog bit my leg i dont need to know the reason the dog bit my leg it gets corrected. Next time i walk past it will think twice. This is what corrections are . People think too much. How do i know it works .Ive done it a lot, ive seen it, owners have seen it.

People will say u should find the reason why its biting . I agree but if it isnt physically in pain IT SHOULD NOT BE BITING US.Simple.
Most dogs arent in physical pain .Most dogs are just snotty ,entitled , pushy and get away with it because nobody ever told them not too!
People ask how firm a correction should be given for a dog that bites… I say as high as you possibly can.
Lets put this in perspective …
The dog just bit us.


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