I received an email the other day from a lady asking me if my school accepts Bull Terrier type dogs. It goes like this

 i have a 1 year old girl English bull terrier and so far a lot of dog schools have said that they dont take English terriers so first i just wanted to see if you do?”

Of course i replied in the affirmative as i would with any dog breed.
I dont discriminate after all . All dogs need training. After talking further to her i realised that the dog training schools she was talking about all belonged to a specific organistion with a specific ethos. And this organisation is the preferred trainer for the RSPCA.!
So i ask ..”where do these dogs go to get trained ?” . If the RSPCA approved trainer wont accept them then who ?
This doesn’t make sense at all. So the RPSCA recommends these trainers yet they wont train specific dogs and or dog types. It defies logic. I keep seeing this more and more. From coolies to Belgium Shepards being refused training or treated in such a way that the owner no longer feels as they are welcome at the classes any longer.
Needless to say I am not on the preferred training list. Maybe because I will train any dog any breed any temperament. I thought that’s what dog trainers do?