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Titanium Stadium

Our dog training and dog behaviour specialists at All Breeds Dog Training  Western Suburbs can help you get the dog you’ve always wanted using our proven common sense based training methods.

We use a natural and more effective approach that both empowers you and is respectful to your dog, teaching you how body language and subtle changes in the way you approach your dog can enhance your communication and the way your dog responds to you.

Dog Training Adelaide -Western Suburbs

All Breeds Dog Training Adelaide  lifestyle based dog obedience training system empowers you to create the behaviour you expect from your dog. Whether you’ve just brought home a puppy, fallen for a rescue dog or realised your adult dog needs some firmer control, whether you’ve had a lifetime of loving dogs or are a new owner, our dog obedience training is for you.

Let us show you how to communicate with your dog naturally and easily to achieve the relationship and behaviour you have always wanted – no more relying on treats or bribes.

  • We focus on creating a calm and co-operative dog.
  • We believe the state of mind your dog is in when it receives a reward is more important than their physical action.
  • We use the language your dog understands.
  • We teach you how loving leadership and connection can change your dog’s behaviour and result in a more successful relationship.

We believe that for dogs to be able to develop into happy and balanced members of society they need a balance of positive reinforcement and discipline, creating stability and fulfilment for them. Boundaries, limitations and saying “no” are just as important as praise and reward – and each has its place and correct application. However, we don’t believe that punishment, violence, fear and intimidation have any place in building healthy relationships with our canine companions. In all of our courses we show you how you can foster trust and respect from your dog and achieve the status of loving, fair leader.