Dog Socialisation Classes

The dog socialisation class as the name suggests is there for you to socialise you dog with other dogs , people ,noises or anything he may encounter out in the big wide world.

dog socialisation




This class has been designed for dogs over the age of six months. Its an obedience class with a
difference, we will not be teaching you dog specific obedience exercises. Your
dog will be doing exercises he already knows but in an environment with
distractions, this will teach your dog to obey you away from the training environment.

We have developed systems to modify and or solve behavioral problems like ,



  • dog to people aggression
  • nervousness
  • fear
  • hyperactivity
  • dominance
  • submissiveness
  • anxiety


We teach the dog to have a neutral liking towards dogs and people.How often does your dog behave until it sees another dog?

Because of the importance of this training we offer this course free of charge with any of our obedience courses.

Key Benefits

  • Your dog will be under control around others
  • Will learn not to be distracted by other dogs or people
  • Will modify any behavioral problems