dog obedience

Basic Dog Obedience Training

This course is for a duration of 6 one houly classes per week.With personalised one on one training

Available 7 days per week from 9am – 4pm

We offer  obedience classes for dogs over 16 weeks of age. If your dog is under 16 weeks please look at our puppy training classes
While some may want to only have their dog walk properly on a lead sit .drop and stand first time every time , others may want to further their dogs obedience levels where their dog does stays ,ignores strangers commands, food refusal ,recalls under distraction.
This is the beginnings of your journey towards a better understanding and foundation of your relationship with your dog.Here is where it is taught its place in human life.Yes we understand its a dog but we also understand it must have structure and rules for it to live happily in co existence with its owner or owners. Classes go for a duration of 1 hour

What you will learn

Basic Class   ( 6 weeks)

As said before this teaches the fundamentals of dog obedience.You will learn how to teach your dog to walk attentively and loosely on a lead all the time. Learn how to have your dog sit ,drop and stand first time every time regardless of what is going on around them. Also included in this course is our Dog Socialisation

  • Walking calmly and attentively on a loose lead all the time
  • Sitting on first command and within 2 seconds of command
  • Dropping on first command and within 2 seconds
  • Standing on first command
  • Left and Right turns
  • Left about and Right about turns
  • Performing these commands around other dogs and people
  • Sit Stays
  • Drop Stays
  • Stand Stays

Ready For a Reliable Dog?

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Basic Course is a pre requisite


Advanced Obedience

One hourly session per week for six weeks. Private one on one personal training

With our private dog training course you receive one on one training over six weeks. This is a fast paced course with personal one on one attention with homework. In the private dog training course you receive practical hands on and written homework in a step by step format which outlines all that you learn week by week.
Why is off lead dog training obedience so important, especially in this day and age when leash laws are the norm?
Because leashes break. Because dogs will slip out of collars and harnesses. Because doors and gates will be left open. Because fences will be jumped over, dug under, or rammed through. More importantly, take a look at your dog right now … chances are good that he is not wearing a leash. If he were to bolt out the door and head for the street, could you stop him with a single command?
With our training you could. But better yet, you won’t have to. Why? Because the training he received allows him to make better choices for himself … example: choosing not to bolt out of an open door.
Do you walk your dog every day for at least 60 minutes?
If so this is the course for you
We are proud to say that we are only one of a select few in Australia that offers this course
This course is done over 6 weeks reaching off lead potential The whole point is that you want your dog to come back to you when he is off lead all the time not just sometimes.
This is a no nonsense course where I meet with you once a week to revise the previous lesson and show you the next weeks lesson.

This course will teach your dog to obey your commands both on and off lead.If you require a very high standard of control this course will achieve exactly that.

  • Revise basic and  course
  • Off lead heeling
  • Sit on the move
  • Stand on the move
  • Drop on the move
  • Drop and stand at distance
  • Stay in position with handler out of sight
  • Stand for inspection
  • Food Refusal