Sadly more dogs are being euthanised for behaviour problems than for any other reason

ask yourself this question, with such advances in modern, dog friendly training concepts and us as trainers and dog owners being so across all the scientific methods to keep our dogs happy and stress free, why are dogs are behaving worse than ever!

It seems many people all over the world  can spot a stressed dog from 100 metres away telling us that giving it food and submersing it in love will solve all problems and even saying something as benign as “no”can cause the dog to have anxiety ,emotional trauma, stress and be unhappy for the rest of its life.

We are told to love your dog ,cuddle it soothe away its anxiety and if that doesn’t work medicate or euthanise your dog. Its untrainable or its issues are too severe. Or worse still YOU aren’t doing it right..

We are told using rewards only is backed by science when in fact it is a lie.Science actually states it is not true

These are the same people that for years will condem someone who uses a training aid on a dog they feel is unnecessary,cruel inhumane and trying to convince us there is a better king and humane way. The same people that will lash out at others calling them cruel and barbaric.

They feel as it is their duty to change the world to suit their ideology of wrap your fur baby in cottton wool and love it to death. Well love it to death they can.


I have a big problem with this ethos and here is why


IF “loving ,kindness and positivity” is the best way to train why are these believers so cruel and viscious towards other humans?

Examples like “May”be i should put that on you and let you edure pain and agony for a few hours


i hope you die a slow and painfull death”


“ÿou should be locked up or better of be tortured

Not only on Facebook but anonymous emails sent to me!!

IF this so called “NEW SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN” way of training dogs why are more and more been given to the pounds or euthanised?

Behaviour problems are more too frequent

People have been coming to me after years of problems with their dogs that supposedly cant be fixed. Owners telling me their dog is frightened ,anxious, and untrainable. These dogs have been given all the freedom in the world because of these reasons and yet you cant sit on your own couch if the dog is on it.Anxious ?  Or worse you cant get the dog off YOUR bed to sleep on it without it trying to bite you.Frightened ? You cant walk your dog down the street when other dogs are around because it goes wild and uncontrollable. No matter how much love you show it how much positive reinforcement you give it Untrainable?

No No and No

Yes I understand that using any type of dog training tool can be so called abusive if used incorrectly but where is the evidence of the pain fear and abuse if used correctly..Show me. The Straw Man appears again…Imagined Harm

There is a picture that has been going around the internet for years that these people will gladly show you the harm that a prong collar will do to a dog. They use that picture to show you how barbaric it is. Yet the truth is that the injury was indeed caused by a prong collar which had been left on the dog too tightly continuously and over time as the dog grew the collar embedded itself in the dog. Yes nasty BUT it wasn’t caused by proper use!

There are many pictures  of damage from various collars on the internet including harnesses ,haltis and flat collars. But this is what happens when people misuse a  tool. There is absolutely no proof that any tool does any damage if used correctly


Over the last 10 years or so clients have been bringing me their dogs to train or rehabilitate  them Just going along doing my business getting results. At the same time others are busy  running around attacking tools ,attacking me.attacking others and attavking trainers that are getting RESULTS.

But it has got to a stage where one cant turn the other cheek no longer.

These people  are trying to ban any tool that they don’t believe in. trying to remove access from me you and anyone else that chooses to use them..

They go as far as to believe that you and me the ones that have dogs and love them dearly as part of our family are  too stupid and nieve to know if we are doing damage to our dogs especially when our “BARBARIC” side comes out and we almost bludgeon our dogs to death APPARENTLY

So Whats the Answer

The answer certainly isn’t banning dog tools of the trade because some don’t like them and refuse to use them because of the imagined harm they could inflict.

There is way too much emotion involved in some aspects of the dog training fraternity. It almost seems that people/trainers that have had a not so happy life over compensate towards their feelings for their dogs. Thoughts of I’ve had such a hard life ,I’m going to treat my dog with love and kindness and it will never have to endure any stress or pain or ever MAKE it do something. Yet these same people will condem us trainers that will use  any tool that is best for the dog.

Isnt this what its all about ..what is best for the dog? Not how YOU feel but whats best for the dog. Various states even in australia have already banned different tools and once they are banned they will never be returned. These so called ethical ,righteous, holier than thou people that they think they know what is best for your dog continuosly prey on the emotive aspect of dog training and then push their agenda onto the governments. The ridiculous thing about it is that governments believe them. No proof no substantiated evidence just emotion.

What would be wrong with a logical idea like ,that only certified trainers that are qualified to use certain tools and are allowed to teach others how to use them.I know for a fact that many trainers would be ever so willing to get certified. Isn’t that a better choice than banning tools?

Its ok if people think that certain tools are barbaric or inhumane , it just shows their ignorance and biggotness.

Bur don’t worry i’ll keep training dogs , all dogs .any dogs especially the dogs that “cant be  trained” because they need my help more than any