Explanation firstly:

There are many claims made by various dog training schools but rarely any evidence to show.

If one is claiming something that is extraordinary and you wish to be taken seriously ,firstly one has to come up with the evidence themselves to backup their own claims. Its not enough that other people have to try to disprove it. You can never prove something isnt true as thats trying to prove a negative. So one has to come up with the evidence themselves and because the claim is so strong the evidence has to be just as strong.

So how do we get around this?

Well the best way is to not make claims that you cant prove.But if one doesn’t make claims how will anybody know what they can do. Exactly my point.

I make claims. …. Scattered throughout my website I make claims. Claims that state

Your dog will be trained to a certain level in a certain time for a certain price.

I claim that I will never refuse any dog

I claim that I will train any dog

I claim that our methods produce reliable, consistent and predictable results.

Yet not many other trainers will .Why .. because Extraordinary Claims Demand Extraordinary Evidence. All claims i make i can prove .I prove them by taking any dog regardless of demeanour or character and train it to become an obedient ,trustworthy canine companion.

So just because other websites beat around the bush and claim you will have so much fun,your dog will be so happy and love you for it you may notice they make no claims about what they can do for your dog.

Here is a couple of examples which i think explains it clearly

claims and evidence
claims and evidence

All those excuses are real. They all have been said in various facebook posts. Again if making claims one needs evidence