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Dog Training Myths

Certain dog training fraternities throughout the world will repeat almost ad nauseum various so called “facts” about dog training and dog behaviour.Yet in fact these are dog training myths made to make them sound knowledgeable and holier than thou. I will be adding to the list as i find them. I would almost call their comments fraudulent. [...]
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What has changed in our dogs

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, things were quite different for dogs. Not necessarily better but definitely different. Generally speaking however, I think the dog had more things going for them than against. It is my belief that if one were to compare the family dog of yesteryear to the “fur-kid” of today’s “pet-parent,”[…]




Balanced Training : A return to common sense

The best way i guess to explain this is to explain all the types of dog trainer ethics that are out there. Punishment based training (unfortunately doing a search for “who were/are punishment based trainers there seems to be none that do in reality,regardless of what others from other camps may think) Balanced Trainers………trainers that use common[...]

Dog Training: Fast Results vs. Soft Approach.

Dog Training: Fast Results vs. Soft Approach. Too many dog trainers are focused on an agenda and less focused on the well being of the dog and client. Fast Results vs. Soft (Positive) Approach Fast results addresses the client's needs. Every client that comes to you has some sort of problem they cannot solve on their own.[...]

claims and evidence in dog training

Explanation firstly: If one is claiming something that is extraordinary and you wish to be taken seriously ,firstly one has to come up with the evidence themselves to backup their own claims. Its not enough that other people have to try to disprove it. You can never prove something isn’t true as that’s trying to prove a[…]