7 Important Dog Training Tips: Tip 3 –Attainable Goals in Dog Training

7 Important Dog Training Tips: Tip 3 –Attainable Goals in Dog Training

 Continuing on from my last post https://allbreedsdogtraining.com/7-important-dog-training-tips-tip-5-repetition/   Just like in life, the pursuit of our goals can become overwhelming and potentially detrimental if we fail to break down the process into manageable, achievable steps on the path to the ultimate objective. Disregarding the necessary steps along the way may lead to frustration and a tendency to give up, and this principle is equally applicable to dog training.

The method follows a very simple format of teaching which puts together like this:

  1. Teach the dog what IT is you want;
  2. Give IT a name;
  3. Praise the dog when he gets IT right; and only after the dog has demonstrated that he understand what IT is you want, do you
  4. Correct the dog to help him keep IT right.

It may be important for the first time user to understand what constitutes a fair distraction, a fair correction, and fair praise.  For this I like to explain the rule of Goldilocks.

  1. Not enough may not produce the desired outcome.
  2. More than enough may produce some unintended outcome.
  3. Just enough will produce the desired outcome.

The ‘desired outcome,’ as related to praise, correction, and distraction is always to deepen the commitment to the command/response sequence.

Look for my next post  on confidence in dog training