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Dog Training Adelaide positive reinforcement

All Breeds Dog Training Adelaide provides an extensive range of Dog related services to Adelaide’s residents and businesses  for all breeds of dogs with its training centre in the  north eastern suburbs of adelaide.Our training grounds are situated at North Ingle School,7 Rothwell Avenue, Ingle Farm Adelaide  SA 5098 Training group classes on Sundays from 9.30 am


I have been working with and training dogs for over 12 years, and studied under one of the best known trainers in South Australia and Victoria. While being an understudy I was involved in a wide range of dog services to include animal behavior, Service Dog training, tracking, scent work, animal care, and behavior modification techniques proven most effective in dog training.

I am a balanced positive reinforcement Trainer; I like to start by using positive re-enforcement training and rewards. This is how I like all my training to go. However, I understand that is not enough for some dogs. Therefore, I am not opposed to using others tools such as training collars, long leads, muzzles, or other common dog training tools. I work with each person to come up with an individual training plan that suits his or her goals and needs.

Dog Training Classes

Dog Training

Dog Training Classes

Dogs from 6 months old.. 8 week course

The group dog training course teaches the fundamentals of dog obedience.You will learn how to teach your dog to walk attentively and loosely on a lead all the time. Learn how to have your dog sit ,drop and stand first time every time regardless of what is going on around them. Also included in this course is our socialisation class

Puppy School Training

Puppy classes

Puppy Classes

10- 20 weeks

Our puppy classes are run every Sunday and ongoing meaning you can start any time.. No need to wait for a specific date or intake. As long as your puppy is 10 weeks or older it can join.

Our puppy classes are essential for the upbringing of a well adjusted dog.An untrained puppy, generally speaking will become a badly-behaved adult dog.Conditioning during this early period is vital because it sets a solid platform for the way you want your dog to behave.

Private Training

private training

One on One

6 Week Course

With our private dog training course you receive one on one training over six weeks. This is a fast paced course with personal one on one attention with homework. In the private dog training course you receive practical hands on and written homework in a step by step format which outlines all that you learn week by week.

Dog Training Advanced

private dog training

Advance Obedience

This course will teach your dog to obey your commands both on and off lead.If you require a very high standard of control this course will achieve exactly that.

  • Revise basic and intermediate courses
  • Off lead heeling
  • Sit on the move
  • Stand on the move
  • Drop on the move
  • Drop and stand at distance
  • Stay in position with handler out of sight
  • Stand for inspection
  • Food Refusal

In this modern, balanced approach to training, we begin a dog’s education through the use of rewards. Dogs learn new behaviors through goal driven learning that is both enjoyable and effective. The dog is allowed to gain an understanding of the training exercises without concern about making a mistake. If and when more reliability is needed, unpleasant consequences are introduced into the training program in a careful and thought-out manner to ensure that we avoid the problems associated with the crude techniques of the past. One of the most significant advancements in this area was the realization that before we use any tool such as a training collar to “correct” a dog for disobedience, we first need to make sure that the dog has an opportunity to learn not only about the training exercise, but also about the tool, meaning the dog must learn that what we call “pressure” is something that they can control and avoid through their actions. Most commonly we do this first with a leash and training collar. Through this process the dog learns all the various situations in which pressure may be applied, and the various behaviors that they can rely on to remove that pressure, and this is all done with a low intensity so the dog has the opportunity to learn about the tools without any stress. After many repetitions the dogs begin to view the leash pressure as simply another piece of valuable information, which allows us to help them navigate the world and earn rewards and praise. Only once this has been accomplished do we then use the tool in a more motivating way as necessary, to prompt the dog into appropriate choices, or correct them for willful disobedience. This process not only helps us reduce the need for punishment, but also help to ensure that if punishment is applied that the dog knows exactly why it happened, and what they can do to avoid it in the future.

Balanced positive reinforcement dog training