About Dog Training Adelaide

  • Have you just got your new puppy and have no idea what you should do ?
  • Do you have an older dog whose behaviour is just getting worse?
  • Does it walk you rather than you walk it?
  • Tell it more than once to do something?
  • Sees another dog and goes off the rails?
  • Prefers to play with something else rather than come to you?
  • Been refused at another obedience class?

Using our balanced training methods Dog Training Adelaide can fix those problems so you can have a dog just like the ones you see and envy when you walk yours.Using specific proven methods we can change or modify its behaviour for your benefit.
At Dog Training Adelaide we allow your dogs to make choices. We praise effort, and do not correct error. We encourage, and build on your dog’s confidence, and reward every increment of training. We do NOT train by correcting your dog when he is wrong. We instruct. When do we correct? When your dog says NO. That doesn’t mean we don’t use a leash to instruct. That does not mean we don’t give your dog a “no” when they are wrong.
We believe that all dogs should enjoy working. If we must beg our dogs, or use a treat or to get our dogs to get excited to work for us, then we have failed.

Having a dog is a responsibility, having an obedient dog is a pleasure.Using our balanced approach your dog and you can leave our training school with you knowing that you now have a better relationship with it and the knowledge that he will do as you say where ever he is.

We are here to firstly build a foundation for you and your dogs relationship to grow.As with any building without a strong foundation there is a strong likelihood of collapse.Nearly all problems regarding a disobedient dog is related to the relationship you have with it

Methods of dog training

My Methods

Our balanced training approach and comprehensive program options will transform your pet and enrich your life by helping your canine companion become the perfect new member of your family.

My Services

I offer private in-home dog training,one on one dog training programmes and hybrid programs for behavior modification and rehabilitation in real-world settings. My programs are tailored to the individual dog and all behavioral issues. Any dog. Any breed. Any problem.
puppy classes in adelaide

In Home Puppy Classes

Up to 12 weeks old

For owners who want to be fully immersed in the process in the comfort of their own home. For puppies up to 12 weeks old. Have your puppy start off on the right paw

in home behaviour consults

In Home Behaviour Consults

Hourly Consults at your home

Behaviors / training goals can include, but are not limited to: obedience – on and off leash, leash reactivity, excessive barking, rushing the door/jumping on guests, counter surfing, territorial behaviors, anxiety, separation anxiety, or pre-baby preparation.

dog off lead

One On One Private Dog Training

6 week course

This is a 6 week one on one private dog training course. We train in real world situations. All breeds,All demeanors ,All types of dogs


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