Don’t all dogs need training
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Dogs Need Training

I received an email the other day from a lady asking me if my school accepts Bull Terrier type dogs. It goes like this

i have a 1 year old girl English bull terrier and so far a lot of dog schools have said that they dont take English terriers so first i just wanted to see if you do?

Of course i replied in the affirmative as i would with any dog breed.
I don’t discriminate after all . All dogs need training. After talking further to her i realised that the dog training schools she was talking about all belonged to a specific organistion with a specific ethos. And this organisation is the preferred trainer for the RSPCA.!
So i ask ..”where do these dogs go to get trained ?” . If the RSPCA approved trainer wont accept them then who ?
This doesn’t make sense at all. So the RPSCA recommends these trainers yet they wont train specific dogs and or dog types. It defies logic. I keep seeing this more and more. From coolies to Belgium Shepards being refused training or treated in such a way that the owner no longer feels as they are welcome at the classes any longer.
Needless to say I am not on the preferred training list. Maybe because I will train any dog any breed any temperament. I thought that’s what dog trainers do?

dogs need training

Over the years i have been told first hand how certain “training schools” will ostracize certain dogs for disrupting classes by barking or being leash aggressive or by the breed of dog . Relegated to training alone in a store room away from others or metres away from the other dogs.Others have been told over the phone without any prior knowledge of the dog that they wont accept it as it had been trained with a check chain and the reasons that the dog was misbehaving was medical. All without seeing it.

Another had a “herding type” dog which was banished because it got off lead and tried to herd all the other dogs. I had a chuckle with that one.

So rather than try to help dogs that may have issues they pass them off as untrainable or they have a medical problem. When all the dog is doing is doing what it knows.

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