dog behaviour

Why Dog Behaviour Training?

If you’re struggling with dog behaviour issues in the home , you have come to the right place. And you’re not alone! Dogs can bring endless amounts of joy, and they can also bring unexpected levels of stress – what happened to that adorable dog you thought you had? Let us get you back to that happy place so you and your dog can enjoy life, and each other, as much as possible. Isn’t that why you got a dog in the first place?

We succeed where others have failed

Many times i have encountered dogs that have been said to be untrainable , or need medication or owners have been told to surrender it or be put down. I pride myself in my rehabilitation of dogs ,ones that have been given their last chance. These are the dogs that need help the most. With over 12 years experience in dealing with dogs I am confidant that i can help your dog. The majority of times the relationship between owner and dog has failed or broken down or there is lack of structure within the household. The dog steps up to take a leading role .And this is where problems occur

Dogs do things because they don’t know any different . They do well…. dog things which is fine but sometimes these dog things are inappropriate when interacting with humans.

We will show you how to put back structure back into your dogs life and into yours so you can have a calm responsible canine companion for years to come.

I can come visit you at home. Normally 3 visits are quite enough to teach and show you what needs to be done to. The first visit is a 2 hour session where i firstly sit down with you and discuss your needs and watch the dog in its environment and explain to you what needs to be done and how to do it. Behavioural problems aren’t fixed over night so consistent work needs to be done by you the owner. Decisions on whether further consultations are necessary will be made on the fist consultation

Contact us via the mail form and i will quickly get back to you regarding a suitable time