IF YOU DONT PUNISH THE BITE IT WONT GO AWAY Punishment Theory of correcting a dog for aggression = suppressing the need .Its like ticking time bomb one day dog will explode and bite they say. There is absolutely no proof or no truth in the above said theory Lets think about it for a

Dogs Need Training I received an email the other day from a lady asking me if my school accepts Bull Terrier type dogs. It goes like this i have a 1 year old girl English bull terrier and so far a lot of dog schools have said that they dont take English terriers so first

Idealism is when you envision or see things in an ideal or perfect manner. Realism, on the other hand, tends toward a more pragmatic and actual view of a situation. Read more: Difference Between Idealism and Realism | Difference Between Idealism is a philosophical approach that has as its central tenet that ideas are the

Have you noticed how often Humane caring pet parent fur-baby appears on dog sites so often now ? The aspect of having fun when training your dog has become increasingly popular these days.Many a website will state how much fun you and your dog will have at their training sessions. With the terms of pet-parent

Purpose of dog parks It would seem pretty obvious that dog parks are a place for people who don’t have a lot of personal space to take their dog for exercise. The perfect example would be apartment dwellers or people who live in big cities. The second and possible more common reason (which I disagree