Real World based dog obedience training

All Breeds Dog Training real world based dog obedience training system empowers you to create the behaviour you expect from your dog.

Whether you’ve just brought home a puppy, fallen for a rescue dog or realised your adult dog needs some firmer control, whether you’ve had a lifetime of loving dogs or are a new owner, our dog obedience training is for you.

Let us show you how to communicate with your dog using a common sense approach and easily to achieve the relationship and behaviour you have always wanted . We understand that most people simply want a balanced, happy and well-behaved dog that listens whenever and wherever you ask. We teach you how to convey your leadership and the energy towards your dog.

We offer a simple and real world based approach that both empowers you and is respectful to your dog. This helps to create and maintain their calm, stable, natural state of mind, not only around the home but in public with distractions that happen every day.

Our classes are run on Sundays at 9.30 – 10.30. for a period of 8 weeks .Included in the course is our socialisation which i believe is very important to the upbringing of your dog

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What you should expect from your dog?

All dogs need training, it allows them to accompany you out and about and means they will be welcomed by your friends and relatives as a part of your family. Without training, dogs bark, dig, jump up, run off, chew, steal, and create havoc. The dog is then blamed for being naughty or ‘dominant’ when really it’s just acting like a dog.


Why use our training?

  • Fast Results. In 8 weeks you will not believe how responsible and well mannered your dog will be
  • Work smarter not harder to achieve dog obedience and correct behaviour.
  • Our dog training incorporates your lifestyle – we train in real life situations not just in the class.
  • We develop the right formula for you and your dog.
  • You are coached and educated on how to teach your dog and how to achieve a leadership role with your dog
  • The whole family can be involved.



Dog training with a difference

Most modern dog training is ineffective, irrelevant and even counterproductive when it comes to having a calm and stable family dog. Its focus is often on alternate behaviours rather than addressing the inappropriate ones. This inadvertently rewards excitable and demanding behaviour while at the same time encouraging you to be in an overexcited state when rewarding. This is not an ideal way to work with a family dog and clashes with natural dog psychology. Your dog wants calm, stable, loving energy from its leader, not over-excited and weak energy.

Whilst ‘positive only’ and treat based dog training is well meaning, it is a science/ mental based approach that doesn’t acknowledge the deeper and more fulfilling communication and understanding that is possible between human and dog by using energy, emotion and heart. A dog can become in a constant state of arousal and anxiety from continuously expecting treats

We teach you how to establish true leadership with your dog based on our experience and understanding of the interconnection and interplay of consciousness, mind and energy between dogs and humans.

A well-behaved dog should be able to:

  • Enter your home calmly and respectfully.
  • Understand boundaries within the home.
  • Go to it’s bed or mat and stay there when asked.
  • Stay away from guests until invited to approach calmly.
  • Be quiet when asked.
  • Not beg or demand anything from you.
  • Walk calmly by your side (not in front or pulling).
  • Not react to other dogs or people.
  • Not jump up on anyone.
  • Understand a free or play command.
  • Come back when called.
  • Not be aggressive to other dogs or people.
  • Be calm and quiet in your car.

Above all you should be able to influence your dogs behaviour and state of mind in all situations and they should always trust and respect you as their pack leader.