Dog Training in Adelaide

Dog Training Adelaide – Real World Dog Training for Life!

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AllBreeds Dog Training Adelaide has a reputation of being able to handle the most challenging dog behavior with a high degree of success, as well as starting your dog off on the right foot and preventing bad behaviors that most families struggle with.

We will train your dog no matter what breed it is or what behavioral problems you are experiencing.
The greatest gift you can offer your dog is INCLUSION in your life.

Dog Training Adelaide – Real World Real Life Dog Training

Dog Traing Adelaide provides an extensive range of Dog related services to Adelaide’s residents and businesses for all breeds of dogs with its training centre in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.Our training grounds are situated at North Ingle School,7 Rothwell Avenue, Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 5098 Training group classes on Sundays from 9.30 am

Dog Training Adelaide – Why Do We Do What We Do

Why havent we changed our main method of dog training? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Why has so much controversy not diminished its popularity? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Amidst the current (and politically correct) trend in Positive Reinforcement Only training systems, what protects and keeps viable our methods? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Read More Here

Dog Obedience in Adelaide

  • Have you just got your new puppy and have no idea what you should do ?
  • Do you have an older dog whose behaviour is just getting worse?
  • Does it walk you rather than you walk it?
  • Tell it more than once to do something?
  • Sees another dog and goes off the rails?
  • Prefers to play with something else rather than come to you?
  • Been refused at another obedience class?

If the methods you have been using are not helping you with your dog

If you have been working with and been given advice from other trainers, to help modify or work through behavioral issues with your dog, and finding you are having little success, or the process has been taking too long, or been advised your dog needs to be placed on psychotropic medication, or worse still be put to sleep, then you seriously need to be looking at alternative methods for the welfare of your dog.

Relying on methods that could take months, by using counter-conditioning methods that only incorporate ignoring, redirecting or avoiding unwanted behaviors can lead dog owners to becoming frustrated, and possibly resort to eventually administering inappropriate punishment to their dog. We need to understand the unwanted behaviors, the underlying causes and triggers, and then with this understanding help the dog as quick as we can by using methods the dog instinctively understands.

If you have been told your dog has no hope and is untrainable and its issues cant be fixed by any trainers ESPECIALLY aversive free or pure positive trainers see me FIRST before you kill or give up your dog because of an ideology READ MORE HERE

The proof of an obedient dog is its performance off lead

Our aim is to give you an obedient dog in all circumstances.
A well behaved dog behaves on and OFF lead and not just in your back yard or house.

A reliable dog isn’t just a well behaved one, its an obedient one ALL THE TIME.

We will tell you what you can expect and in what time frame and what cost.Servicing Adelaide and suburbs at North Ingle School,
7 Rothwell Avenue, Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 5098
every Sunday Morning from 9.30 we have helped countless clients achieve things with their dogs they never imagined they could.
We will gladly accept the unruly bad dogs that some other dog schools in Adelaide wont…. Do you wonder why they don’t want your “BAD” dog the one that really needs training ? Have a look at our banned dog list.
We give you a balanced,even approach to dog training, one that teaches your dog to trust and respect you.

We have over 10 years experience in training dogs all over Adelaide be it in our group classes or private lessons.We invite you to come down and have a look on a Sunday so you can see our dogs that have been trained and giving you an opportunity to talk to us first.We know from experience that most clients will return after they see the level of obedience that our dogs posses.